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  Gym Wizard - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will you come out to cover just a few pads?
A: Yes. We will come out even to one pad, however it is more cost effective to have more pads covered due to the call out fee. If the work required is not urgent we will usually be in your area within 2-3 weeks so the call out fee may be reduced or waived.

Q: How long will the Gym be closed?
A: There is no reason for the Gym to be closed! We remove the pad or pads and do all the rest of the work in our custom fitted van.

Q: How long does it take to replace the pads?
A: We say to allow 30 minutes per pad depending on the size of the pad.

Q: What happens if the foam is also damaged?
A: Not a problem! When we re-cover a pad, if the foam is damaged, we repair or replace it as a matter of course at no extra charge.

Q: What happens if the fixings for the pads are lost or damaged?
A: We always carry a wide selection of fixings. If we are re-covering a pad and fixings are missing or broken, we will replace them wherever possible at no extra cost.

Q: What happens if the wooden back board for the pad is broken?
A: We can replace wooden back boards for a small additional charge. It is usually best to let us know in advance of any back board damage you are aware of.

Q: I have a pad completely missing. Can it be replaced?
A: Yes. We can make a custom replacement pad from scratch.

Q: What are the advantages of having additional slip/wear covers on benches etc.?
A: As well as providing extra protection to your foam and upholstery, once worn out, slip covers can be replaced without re-covering the entire pad or simply removed.

Q: What is PAT testing?
A: Most importantly it is a legal requirement for all clubs. PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is an electrical safety test that ensures the electricity in your machines is insulated correctly and the machines are properly earthed.
> More Details About Pat Testing Here <

Q: How often should I have my machines PAT tested?
A: Every twelve months.

Q: Who is responsible for PAT testing in our club?
A: As a club owner/manager - YOU ARE.








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