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Frequently Asked Questions

Gym Wizard On-site Upholstery Services
Q: Will you come out to cover just a few pads?
A: Yes. We will even come out to cover one pad. However, due to the call out fee, it is more cost-effective to have a few pads covered at once. If the work required is not urgent, we will usually be in your area within 2-3 weeks, so the call out fee may be reduced or waived.
Q: How long will my gym be closed?
A: There is no reason for your gym to close! We remove the pad(s) and carry out the work on-site in our custom-fitted vans.
Q: How long does it take to replace the pads?
A: It is a very quick process. Even large gyms can be completely re-upholstered within a single day.
Q: What happens if the foam is also damaged?
A: Not a problem! When we re-cover a pad if the foam has minimal damage we repair or replace it as a matter of course at no extra cost. If a pad needs completely new foam, this can be done for a small charge.
Q: What happens if the fixings for the pads are lost or damaged?
A: We always carry a wide selection of fixings. If we are re-covering a pad and fixings are missing or broken, we will replace them wherever possible at no extra cost.
Q: What happens if the wooden back board for the pad is broken?
A: We can replace wooden back boards for a small additional charge. It is usually best to let us know in advance if you are aware of any damage.
Q: I have a pad completely missing. Can it be replaced?
A: Yes. We can make a custom replacement pad from scratch.
Q: What are the advantages of having additional slip/wear covers on benches etc.?
A: As well as providing extra protection to your foam and upholstery, once worn out, slip covers can be replaced without re-covering the entire pad or simply removed.

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