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Gym Pad Embroidery

Let Your Branded Gym Equipment Do The Talking

Your branding is an important consideration when it comes to the overall look and feel of your gym equipment. It’s part of your identity and a way for your customers to connect with you. Rather than opting for a standard design, let us embroider your pads with your logo or chosen design. We are also offering gym pad screen printing services, an advantage of screen printing on vinyl is that it allows for the cost-effective creation of vibrant, high-quality prints with a wide range of colours.

Logo Embroidery
Expert embroidery

Skilled embroiders and state-of-the-art equipment combines to offer a creative and high-quality embroidery service. Simply send us a copy of your logo or design and let us do the rest.

Gym Pad Screen Printing Services
Gym Pad Screen Printing

Screen-printed branding offers a cost-effective solution to personalising your equipment as it allows for high-quality, long-lasting prints that are durable and resistant to fading, making it a good choice for pads that will be used frequently.

Gym Pad Custom Stitching
Custom Gym Pad Stitching

Custom stitching is often used to add a personalised touch to gym pads and other gym equipment that creates unique, one-of-a-kind branding that stands out from the competition. Choose from a wide range of colour options.

transform your gym
Timely transformation

Hundreds of gyms across the UK have used our embroidery service to transform their equipment. It can be used as part of our manufacturing process or as a standalone service for existing pads.

“We have used the services provided by Gym Wizard for the last 12 months now and have always had excellent service. The work is always carried out within a few days of the initial enquiry and the standard of the work is exceptional.”
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Call 01535 633100 to discuss embroidery options for your gym equipment

No matter what design you have in mind, chances are we can embroider it. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.

gym pad materials

Read our pad manufacturing and embroidery case studies

Take a look at just some of the gym pads we’ve had the pleasure of manufacturing and embroidering.

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