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Gym pad repair and exchange services

Pad repair and exchange services

Send us your gym pads and we’ll repair or exchange them

In addition to our on-site upholstery solutions, we provide gym pad repair and exchange services from our bases in Yorkshire and Lancashire. This is a cost-effective solution for gyms with a small number of pads in need of repair. We’ll even arrange for your pads to be collected and returned via our nationwide courier service.

Gym Pad Repair
Gym pad repair

Once your pads arrive at Gym Wizard HQ, we’ll work quickly to replace foam and board if required and re-cover them with high-quality vinyl.  Why buy new ones when we can repair them for a fraction of the cost?

The Warhouse Gym Bench Repair
Gym pad personalisation

We use state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality, long-lasting embroidered or screen-printed branding on gym equipment. Many clients also choose coloured stitching as a way to personalise their workout machines.

Exchange Your Gym Pads
Gym pad exchange

We’ll send the pads required for you to fit yourself, then simply send us your old pads back. This service is usually suited to smaller numbers of pads and sites that are out of the way. We recondition old gym pads and bring them back to full use.

Gym Pads i the repair shop
High-quality vinyl

The anti-microbial vinyl material used to repair and replace your gym pads is manufactured to resist bacteria and is durable, fire-resistant, stain-resistant and waterproof. A wide range of colours and a colour-matching service is available.

Bawtry Health + Fitness
“I found Gym Wizard to be a first class outfit. They came in while my gym was open, at a time suitable to me, and re-upholstered all 16 pieces of equipment without disturbing any member. I would definitely recommend them.”
Luke Walker
Bawtry Health and Fitness

Call 01535 633100 to discuss our gym pad repair and exchange services

With two affordable solutions available to you, there’s no need to throw away your tired gym equipment.

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Read our gym pad repair and exchange case studies

See how businesses from across the UK have benefitted from repairing and exchanging their gym pads.

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